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little update [Jul. 11th, 2006|02:52 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Stay Loose - Belle & Sebastian]

I am still here. and oh. the new Whitlams song is making me want to cry, buckets.

Luke is home, and it is strange. But a good strange. I guess I've just grown so used to having him away that it's just weird. So it has been a bit crazy here the last week or so. Two boys wanting to do everything and see everyone all at once. They need to chill out a bit.

His friend that he brought back with him is a little bit annoying and thinks I'm weird. But he's ok, he's just like an annoying little brother right now.

My father is trying to buy me once again. He really loses what little respect I have for him when he does this. Although the last time was years ago. He is paying for my trip to Cairns, offered to buy my first car, and bought be a laptop. What I'm supposed to do with two laptops I'm not quite sure.

With Luke being here I'm noticing that time really is a lie. Dad emailed me telling me how much he has changed since he was last here - that he has become a 'man'. This had little effect on me, I don't believe in men, only boys. But I'm surprised at how much he appears not to have changed. He's still a bigot. One more racist remark and I'm just about ready to snap.

But anyway, it's good to finally have him back home.

On friday the three of us are off to Cairns to be happy tourists. Much fun to be had indeed.

ohoh. and I have new hair. I shall put photos up when I have some.